How often, when you leave a play, do you find yourself talking about what just happened? Not the actors, the design, or the direction; not how strong or weak the piece was, but the story you saw happen and how it affected you?

For us at Artilliers, the answer was "almost never." This is the needle in the haystack of staging plays - the moment of "what just happened?" "Why do I feel how I feel?" 

It's difficult enough to inspire these questions with contemporary plays, but it seems nearly impossible when staging classics. We think this is ridiculous. Human history is crystalized in these plays! And yet it's almost impossible to watch a Shakespeare, a Shaw, or even an Arthur Miller without superimposing old productions and playing compare and contrast.

The profoundest revelations are waiting in these texts – and over and over we fail to hear them. That's why we founded Artilliers - to destroy the barrier between our audiences and our greatest dramas.