a play about a boat/workshop presentation, April 2016

created by members of the Artilliers Gym Ensemble
Serena Berman, Andrew Carr, Lillith Fallon, Trey Fillmore, Anna Clare Kerr, Graham Miller.

written by Serena Berman

directed by Jake Beckhard

Lighting Design........Elizabeth Stewart
Sound Design.........Adrian Bridges
Scenic Design...........Trey Hoffmann
Costume Design.........Marnie Kingsley

Seasick ......... Andrew Carr
Passenger, etc ........ Serena Berman
Captain, etc ........... Trey Fillmore
First Mate, etc. .......... Lillith Fallon
Curator, etc ............. Anna Clare Kerr
Assistant, etc. .......... Graham Miller

Stage Manager ........... Ariella Axelbank

This play inspired by Matthew Minnicino's adaptation
of "A Dream Play", written originally by August Strindberg.


By August Strindberg. Adapted by Matt Minnicino.

Directed by Jake Beckhard

Each year, Artilliers produces a cycle of plays - one classic and one devised, both eventually produced in rep. This year’s program is our REM Cycle of plays. We’re currently in rehearsal for A Dream Play by August Strindberg.

Dream Play is, in the words of the author, a play where “everything is possible and probable, time and space do not exist… The characters split, double, multiply, vanish, solidify, blur, clarify.” I read this play and I fell in love with its ritual nature and its simple, childlike ambiguity of time, place, and character. This is a mean, sad, angry play; but we want to get down to its very bones to find the song of praise - the rain dance - buried there.

Featuring: Nik Aliye, Serena Berman*, Trey Fillmore, Michael Galligan, Michael Lorz*, Matthew Minnicino, and Tess Richie.

Producers: Nik Aliye, Jake Beckhard, Serena Berman, and Trey Fillmore
Stage Manager: Jaye Hunt
Lighting Design: Elizabeth Stewart
Sound Designer/Music Director: Adrian Bridges
Set Design: Trey Hoffman
Costume Design: Marnie Kingsley
Choreographer: Kory Geller
Puppet Specialist: Allison Frasca

*This production is an Equity Approved Showcase. These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

It was January 21-23, 2016 + 27-30 @8pm and January 24th at 2pm.

We performed at at Chinatown Soup where we have our residency. It's located at 16B Orchard Street in NYC. 


A Cruel Not-Masterpiece in One Act.

An avant-garde theater demigod. His devilish doppelganger. An asylum of corpses and choruses. Being an “important" artist has never before demanded so much Cruelty.

Artaud Artaud ran for two weeks at the Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City. It was listed in the NYT and featured on Broadwayworld and the DancePlug Dish.

Featuring: Coryn Carson, Trey Fillmore, Kate Karczewski, Adin Lenahan, Melissa Mahoney, Victoria Myrthil, Ben Peltz, Neil Redfield, Kio Shijiki, and Peter Smith

Matthew Minnicino, writer
Jake Beckhard, director
Nik Aliye and Serena Berman, producers

Carly P. Erickson, stage manager
Bryn Herdrich, scenic design
Elizabeth Stewart, lighting design
Jorge Morales, sound design & composition
Gigi Hernandez, costume design
Kat Castle, production manager
Tommy Schutz, fight choreographer
Shannon Spangler, dramaturg
Alice Kors, assistant director