We've got a home!

Artilliers is proud and privileged to announce a year-long residency at Chinatown Soup - a fiery new gallery in downtown Manhattan. Chinatown Soup has welcomed us as their company-in-residence in their Studio space. We’ll be bringing this season’s cycle of plays, the REM cycle, to life in that intimate theater.

As any independent theatermaker knows, the biggest economic obstacle to creating work in New York is the high-demand, low-supply game of rehearsal and performance space. With this residency, we eliminate an enormous burden on our work and free ourselves to play and experiment in our performance space with reckless abandon. This residency makes possible the discovery of the “new ways” to bring you our old plays.

From the Chinatown Soup website:

Chinatown Soup is a creative community advancing art, justice, historic preservation, and civic engagement in downtown New York. Drawing from the Stone Soup folk parable and artist-run collectives of 1970’s New York, we’re forming a new vanguard of social entrepreneurs that re-imagine how people can work together to live creatively in the 21st century city.

The Studio at Chinatown Soup is an underground space where presenters, performers, and patrons participate in culturally engaging events and workshops--from poetry slams to recording sessions to theater troupe residencies--on a rotating basis. Inspired by the Basement Workshop of 1970s Chinatown, Soup's basement is a laboratory for everything experimental and conscious